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  1. Narrow Cut for long fingers
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Narrow Cut for long fingers

reusch Xena Pro X1 is designed for keepers with narrow hands and long fingers. This cut offers better control and stopping power.

PALM: X1 Wet 'n Dry foam for grip in all weather conditions, made to be more durable than traditional palms.

Stretch PU backhand. Flex Cuts on the backhand makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. Narrow Expanse Cut made for the player with longer fingers and a narrower width of hand. Deep thumb notch helps prevent tear out.

CLOSURE: Wrap-around wrist bandage.

BEST FOR: Advanced training and match play.

PALMA: Espuma X1 Wet ‘N Dry para brindar un buen agarre en cualquier condición climática. Diseñada para ser más duradera que las palmas tradicionales. PU elástico en el dorso. Tecnología Flex Cuts en el dorso los hace más flexibles. Corte delgado ideal par

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