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  1. Practice with PUMA and Project Pink!
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Practice with PUMA and Project Pink!

Support the WPS and Project Pink when you're practicing with the WPS King Mini Ball from PUMA! This machine-stitched 32-panel ball has a high-quality TPU casing with polyester backing for excellent shape-retention, bounce and flight characteristics.

Project Pink is a program designed to raise funds and awareness towards breast cancer through collaboration with some of the world's best female soccer players!

100% of PUMA's profits from the sale of PUMA Project Pink gear go towards a breast cancer charity chosen by fans on PUMA's website.


Apoya a la WPS y al Project Pink entrenando con este mini balón WPS King de PUMA. 32 paneles de TPU cosido a mano y forro de poliéster para retener mejor su forma y volar mejor. PUMA y la WPS se han unido para apoyar una importante causa con el lanzamiento