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  1. Great Guide to the Basics of the Game
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Great Guide to the Basics of the Game

Features demonstrations of all the essential soccer techniques with multi-camera angles, informative graphics, and slow motion replays, simply the best techniques guide ever produced. Coach Dean Jacobs is a fresh and exciting talent who has represented professional soccer teams in America and England. He has been inspired to produce this coaching DVD making each technique 'easy to follow' and ideal for soccer coaches and kids! Learn the secrets to coaching: push passing, dribbling, inside hook turn, shielding, Instep kick, body control, stretching, outside hook turn, throw in's, dragback turn, stop turn, foot control, tackling, and soccer juggling.

(96 mins.)

DVD Bonus:

Printable copies and breakdown of each essential technique. Just put the DVD in your computer and print

Sneak peak of Simple Soccer's DVD catalogue.

Release Date: March 1, 2007

Format: NTSC

¡Demuestra técnicas esenciales del fútbol! El entrenador Dean Jacobs, que ha trabajado con los equipos profesionales del fútbol en América y Inglaterra, ha hecho cada técnica fácil de seguir y ideal para los entrenadores del fútbol y los niños. Aprende tod