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A magazine dedicated exclusively to modern training methods!

Success in Soccer brings you the latest information on techniques and tactics from around the world and provides training support for soccer players at all levels - from youth leagues all the way up to professional teams.


How to organize interesting and effective practice sessions.

How to teach techniques and tactics the right way.

New tactics coaches can use in play and practice.

How to improve the coaching and the team's motivation.

What you can learn from professional coaches and much more.

A one year subscription, 6 issues!

You will receive your first issue within three weeks.

NOTE: Subscriptions can only be mailed to United States addresses within the 50 states.

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Rules of the Game: A goalkeeper must wear colors that distinguish him or her from the other players, the referee and the assistant referees. Goalkeeper is the only position to be explicitly part of the rules of the game since they were codified in the 19th century. Soccer has its roots in ancient games like Cuju, which was popular in China around 400 BC. The first non-European nation to join FIFA was South Africa in 1909. Manchester City has the largest pitch of any club in the English Premier League: 116 x 77 yards.