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U16 - U18

  1. Quick, simple, adaptable!
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Quick, simple, adaptable!

A handy and efficient guide to planning practice sessions. Features a building block method that coaches can put together for an unlimited supply of fresh training session. Features more than 70 games and exercises, all with the same basic field set up to prevent lost time rearranging the field. Planner 1 is for the advanced youth coach to keep players motivated and ensure they have fun with the game while developing skills and improving their game.


1.What do advanced youth players expect of their club?

2.Optimize your planning with conceptual building blocks

3.The easy way to plan and organize practice sessions

4.Help your self to our catalog of exercises!

5.The right solution for any situation

6.There's always time to prepare for practice

7.Adapt the set up to your situation

8.Three groups are more effective than two

Author: N. Vieth, 96 pages, paperback, 4 color

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