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Learn from the best

Many coaches know that the Dutch have a remarkable reputation for developing players to the highest level. In this DVD licensed, well-known Dutch coaches teach you how to develop your players to become better soccer players.

Jan Pruijin, Terry Michler, Harry Jansen and Theo Derks go over the philosophies of Dutch soccer. They take you on the field to help you create a team that plays beautiful, effective soccer.

For players aged 8-18.

Three Discs:

Dutch Philosophy & Vision - 31:41 min.

Technical Training - 71:16 min.

Small-Sided Games - 58:42 min

Total - 161:39 minutes

Muchos entrenadores reconocen la reputación de los holandeses para desarrollar jugadores. En este DVD, un grupo de entrenadores holandeses te enseñan cómo hacer lo propio con tus jugadores. Jan Pruijin, Terry Michler, Harry Jansen y Theo Derks repasan la f

Rules of the Game: The ball is in play at all other times it rebounds from either the referee or an assistant referee when they are on the field of play. You can find nearly 1500 replica items from your favorite clubs and national teams on soccer.com. The mascot for the 1970 FIFA World Cup in Mexico was a boy character named Jaunito. The mascot for the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy was a green, white and red stick figure with a soccer ball head named Ciao. Hungary scored 27 goals in the 1954 World Cup, more than any other country in a single World Cup.