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  1. Wear the Same Socks as the Stars of Spain!
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Wear the Same Socks as the Stars of Spain!

Suit up with the same socks as your favorite La Liga stars.

Padded underfoot for optimum cushioning and ventilated top for added breathability.

Apoya al Real Madrid con estas medias que vienen con base acolchonada y ventilación en la punta.

Rules of the Game: During penalty kicks to determine the winner of a match, all players, except the player taking the kick and the two goalkeepers, must remain within the center circle. Germany's Bundesliga was formed in 1963. The mascots for the 1974 FIFA World Cup in West Germany were two boy characters named Tip and Tap. The earliest documented use of the word football appears in a proclamation by King Henry IV of England in 1409. Substitutions were allowed for the first time in the 1970 World Cup.
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