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  1. Cobra Keeps You Covered!
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Cobra Keeps You Covered!

Get ready for winter training with this Cobra Overall from HO Soccer. This zippered full body suit will keep you warm and protected while you practice in the cold. This suit has inner pads at the shoulder, elbow, waist, thighs and knees to keep you safe and covered in the wintry weather. Elastic heel straps keep the legs from bunching while you train. Brand logo is embroidered on the left leg and left chest.

100% polyester. Imported.

Entrena sin importar las bajas temperaturas con el Overall Cobra de HO Soccer. Este conjunto con cierre te mantendrá abrigado y protegido durante tus entrenamientos invernales. Viene con almohadillas interiores en los hombros, codos, cintura, muslos y rodi

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