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  1. Send 'em soccer greetings!
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Send 'em soccer greetings!

If you love the game, then you'll love these bold soccer cards! Each of the five colorful designs features a soccer ball them. Includes two each of five designs for 10 total blank cards and 10 envelops.

Tarjetas con motivos de fútbol para toda las ocasiónes. Diez tarjetas y sobres en total. El paquete trae cinco diseños, con dos tarjetas de cada diseño. Importado.

Rules of the Game: During penalty kicks to determine the winner of a match, each kick is taken by a different player and all eligible players must take a kick before any player can take a second kick. Rules of the Game: during a penalty kick, the players other than the kicker must be inside the field of play but outside the penalty area and at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the penalty mark. The mascot for the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy was a green, white and red stick figure with a soccer ball head named Ciao. Giovane Elber (Bayern Munich) holds the Bundsliga record for the fastest goal - 11 seconds! FC Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium has the largest official seating capacity in Europe: 98,787.
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