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Brilliant Super

  1. Oversized for training
  2. Currently Unavailable

Oversized for training

Oversized ball for training. Its large size can sharpen your skills and strength when used for training. Designed just like Select's Brilliant Super ball.

COVER: Hand sewn PU. BLADDER: Latex.Made of soft PVC with a smooth surface. 24" diameter.

One year manufacturer warranty.

Note: All of our balls are shipped deflated. This helps in keeping our shipping costs low, savings that we can pass on to you.

Standard Ball Sizing

Size 5: ages 12 and up

Size 4: ages 8-12

Size 3: ages 8 and under

Size 1: skills/practice

Balón extra grande para entrenar. Su tamaño puede ayudarte a dominar mejor el balón y hacerte más fuerte. Diseño similar al del balón Brilliant Super de Select. CUBIERTA: PU cosido a mano. VEJIGA: Látex. Hecho con PVC suave para una superficie más limpia.

Rules of the Game: The captain of a team has no special status or privileges under the FIFA Laws of the Game but he has a degree of responsibility for the behavior of his team. Rules of the Game: The center mark of a field is indicated at the midpoint of the halfway line. A circle with a radius of 9.15 m (10 yds) is marked around it. Rules of the Game: The ball is in play at all other times it rebounds from either the referee or an assistant referee when they are on the field of play. Goalkeeper is the only position to be explicitly part of the rules of the game since they were codified in the 19th century. The United States has never won a World Cup game on European soil.
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