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  1. Support those in need
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Support those in need

The Hurricane Relief Fund was created to help those affected by the recent natural diasters here in the U.S.

The support of the community, including the soccer community, is paramount in these difficult times. All of our partners listed at soccerunitedrecoveryfund.org are underwriting 100% of the cost of this fund raising effort. Every dollar you spend on this merchandise will go directly to the Soccer United Recovery Fund hosted by the U.S. Soccer Foundation. Every product you proudly display will demonstrate the soccer community's dedication to helping those in need. Set of twelve patches.

El Fondo de Relieve de los Huracanes, fue creado para ayudar a esos afectados por los reciente desastres naturales en los Estados Unidos .

El apoyo de la comunidad, incluyendo la comunidad del fútbol en estos tiempos difíciles es sumamente importante. Nu

Rules of the Game: during a penalty kick, the players other than the kicker must be inside the field of play but outside the penalty area and at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the penalty mark. Rules of the Game: The corner arc is a quarter circle drawn inside the field of play with a radius of 1 yard (1 m) from each corner flag post. Rules of the Game: A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than seven players. Rules of the Game: Corner flags must be on non-pointed posts that are at least five feet (1.5 m) high. Each FIFA World Cup since 1966 has its own mascot, starting with World Cup Willie (a lion).