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  1. Absolute grip, Bionik fit
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Absolute grip, Bionik fit

PALM: Uhlsport's patented Absolutgrip foam offers the perfect balance between grip and abrasion resistance. The result: a very soft, thick, yet still durable foam.

Flex grooves let the palm move with your hands.

BACKHAND: Embossed Absolutgrip foam for cushioned support.

PROTECTION: Bionikframe technology closely imitates the human hand and finger tendons putting lightweight, flexible support spines in the backhand for stability and shock distribution.

CUT: Ergonomical pre-curved cut keeps hands in a catch-ready position.

CLOSURE: Wrap-around wrist system with extended palm for advanced ball control.

BEST FOR: Advanced training and match play.

PALMA: Látex Absolutgrip de 6 mm con dorso repujado del mismo material para un agarre increíble. Palma moldeada con ondas plegables para una flexibilidad óptima. La nueva tecnología Bionikframe consiste en anillos a lo largo de los dedos para mayor estabil

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