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Leaders of the pack

Striker Pablo Daniel Osvaldo is the number nine for AS Roma and boasts the goals to prove it. The Argentine born Italian-national has made a name for himself in the Serie A based on his prolific scoring abilities. Osvaldo is also making a strong impression on the Italian national team and is an exciting player to watch for this season.

The wolves are ready to lead the pack in Serie A with this flashy third jersey. Embroidered Kappa logos and alternative club crest. Screened sponsor design. 87/13 polyamide/lycra. Imported.

El delantero Pablo Daniel Osvaldo porta el número 9 con el AS Roma. Gracias a sus goles, el italiano nacido en Argentina ha dejado su huella en la Serie A y se ha destacado con la Selección de Italia, ganando más y más seguidores. Apoya a la Roma con esta

Rules of the Game: During a kick-off, the opponents of the team taking the kick-off must be at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the ball until it is in play. Rules of the Game: Any of the other players may change places with the goalkeeper provided that the referee is informed before the change is made and the change is made during a stoppage in the match. Rules of the Game: For international matches the field of play must have dimensions of: Length: minimum 100 m (110 yds), maximum 110 m (120 yds); Width: minimum 64 m (70 yds), maximum 75 m (80 yds). Germany's Bundesliga was formed in 1963. The mascot for the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA was a dog character named Striker.