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10-15 Year Olds

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by Stefano Bonaccorso

The exercises and coaching units suggested in this book are designed for 10-15 year old players. At this level, a competent coach is responsible not only for the technical and tactical development of his players but also must understand and respect the role that sport plays in enhancing self-esteem and social skills. To that end, the author has included a brief overview of modern educational psychology as a useful reference in addition to the practical training exercises. To maximize the learning process, the coaching units are broken down into as many as 5 parts: Starting Games, Analytical Exercises, Play Situations, Conditioned Games and the Final Game. 252 pages

Published: June 2001 - Reedswain

Este libro escrito por Stefano Bonaccorso trae ejercicios y entrenamiento para jugadores de 10-15 años. A este nivel, el entrenador es responsable del desarrollo técnico y táctico de sus jugadores. También tiene que comprender el importante papel que juega el fútbol para aumentar la autoestima y las técnicas sociales de los niños. El autor ha incluido un resumen sobre la psicología educacional moderna en adiciona a los ejercicios prácticos. Para maximar el proceso de aprendizaje, el libro esta dividido en cinco secciones: Juegos para Empezar, Ejercicios Analíticos, Situaciones de Juego, Juegos para acondicionamiento y el Juego Final.

Rules of the Game: The player making a throw-in may not touch the ball again until it has touched another player. Rules of the Game: During a kick-off, the kicker may not touch the ball a second time until it has touched another player. Rules of the Game: The corner arc is a quarter circle drawn inside the field of play with a radius of 1 yard (1 m) from each corner flag post. The 1934 and 1990 World Cups were held in Italy. Mexican goalkeeper Antonio Carbajal played in five consecutive World Cups (1950-66).