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adidas Predator - 7.5

adidas Predator

Lanzera Gambeta Premio Ball

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Multiple Choice Section (10 points):

Which of the following is true?

a. The Lanzera Gambeta NFHS Ball is approved for high school competition

b. The Lanzera Gambeta NFHS Ball has a premium latex bladder

c. The Lanzera Gambeta NFHS Ball is 50% off today (before goal club discount)

d. The Lanzera Gambeta NFHS Ball will increase goal-scoring by 400%

e. All of the above

f. All of the above but d

If you selected f, pat yourself on the back because you are correct. We will also accept e because we haven't conducted any actual field research on the matter.

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adidas Predator

adidas' Predator revolutionized the game. In addition to Predator soccer shoes, the adidas Predator collection now includes Predator gloves, Predator balls, Predator training wear, Predator jerseys, Predator shin guards, Predator jackets, and more. Every generation of the adidas Predator soccer cleat has been designed to create soccer shoes that increase control, swerve, power and accuracy when striking the ball. adidas' Predator continues to change the game. The current version the adidas Predator LZ has five zones of Predator ball control. adidas designers gave a blank, white boot and a marker to top players such as Xavi, Robin van Persie and goalkeeper Iker Casillas, and asked each to draw the areas they use most often to contact the ball. From there, adidas developed the Predator Lethal Zones. Take control on your game with adidas Predator.
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