Selecting the right gear is a critical task. The SOCCER.COM Gear Guide is designed to explain some of the terms, technologies and differences that can make it difficult to purchase the right gear for your game. In order to find the equipment that fits you and your game and ensure that it lasts as long as possible, you have to learn about it.

Here's how the Gear Guide works: we have separated equipment into four main categories (footwear, guards, gloves and apparel). Within each category, our Eurosport soccer experts point out some of the important things to look for when choosing equipment to match your game.

Please remember that no one item is right for everyone. Use this guide to find out about which products make the most sense for you. As always, should you have any questions about any soccer product or how to better care for your gear, please contact us at 1-800-487-7253 or e-mail us at! Since 1984, The Fabled Soccer Traders at Eurosport have helped more soccer players and coaches buy and take care of their soccer gear than any other source. Trust your game and your gear to Eurosport and SOCCER.COM!