365 Q & A with Brian Carroll

With a win against Kansas City over the weekend, the D.C. United opened up a 5 point lead for first place in the East. Soccer 365’s Lars Lifrak spoke with midfielder Brian Carroll about his team’s quick start, playing the “least glamorous position” in soccer, and his favorite places to see in our nations capital.

365: It’s been a pretty decent start to the season. What have been the keys so far?
Brian Carroll: I think as a team we’re at least listening to each other and working hard for each other. I think in this league that goes a long way. Each week we are just working hard and the coaches are getting us prepared for each opponent. We’re just going out and executing our game plan as closely as possible and that’s getting results for us so far.

365: You’ve seen a lot of different teammates in the midfield with you already this season. Is that hard continuity wise?
BC: It’s a lot different communication wise, but everyone has the same goal in mind. Everyone wants to do as well as they can so they can be on the field the next week. Effort is always there, it’s just a matter of getting used to playing with one another. It’s a little different but guys just step in and do well and you just adjust as quickly as possible.

365: Some questions about you personally. You’ve made a clear progression every season. Are you happy with where things are for you in your career right now?
BC: I didn’t know exactly what to expect my first season. I thought I’d be given a chance at some point, unfortunately that didn’t happen. But I have to be happy with what has happened since that first year and I’m pretty happy with where I am right now. Although I always want to get better and help my team get better so whatever I have to do to get that done is what I’m going to do on the field in practice to prepare myself for the weekend games.

365: Has the way the season ended last year been a motivator?
BC: You never want to end a season unless you are the MLS champs, but to lose that way was certainly disappointing. I think it does spark a little bit of extra fire in every one of us to go out and perform better throughout the season.

365: How do things change with Ben Olsen away at the World Cup?

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  • since when is midfield the ‘least glamourous’ position in soccer?

  • Anonymous

    whoooooooo cares? What the hell is MLS

  • Balooga

    MlS is Major League Soccer which is a league in the United States.

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    usa sucks