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adidas adizero F50: Blackout & Whiteout

adidas’ signature speed cleat, the adizero F50, has been released in two new looks to close out 2013. A study in contrast, the adidas adizero F50 is now available in an all black version and an all white version. Yin and yang, both versions of the F50 offer unrivaled speed.

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While the black upper on the blackout version of the F50 should please traditionalists, subtle pops of bright blue and orange give the cleat a modern look. The all white version with its “slime” accents will stand-out in the field of bright cleats.

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Both of these versions of the adizero F50 are made of adidas’ Goleo calf-leather upper for a soft, snug and lightweight fit. Sprintweb technology built into the F50’s upper locks the foot in place for quick cuts and stability in high-speed dribbling.

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adidas’ Sprintframe chassis construction and traxion studs keep weight to minimum (6.1 ounces) without sacrificing support, making the adizero one of the lightest, fastest boots to hit the field.

Find them both at SOCCER.COM.

Which would you pick? White, black? Both?