adidas Copa Mundial released in white

adidas’ Copa Mundial is the best-selling cleat in the history of the game. From recreational fields during the week to the professional pitch on Saturdays, it’s an undeniable soccer classic. The Copa Mundial first appeared on the field in 1982, and has been worn by some of the greatest players the game has ever seen. In a world of flashy colors and new technologies, the classic Copa continues to thrive because of it’s superior materials and hearty construction. It is designed for comfort and longevity, and each shoe is crafted with care, precision, strength and durability. adidas’ Copa Mundial has been around for decades because it is so well made.

AJS_Adidas_Copa Mundial Pile_01_0319

This white, limited edition pays homage to this legendary shoe.

The upper is made with the softest kangaroo leather available, which delivers unrivaled comfort and touch on the ball.

AJS_Adidas_Copa Mundial Pile_0399_AJS_V1

Inside, there’s a foam insole for the ultimate in comfort and support. It’s fully lined with an extended leather tongue and additional leather supports for increased stability and durability.


Underneath, you’ll find dual-density polyurethane with molded studs, designed for hard, dry, natural surfaces.

AJS_Adidas_Copa Mundial Pile_0415

Celebrate this classic cleat of legends for a limited time. Find this limited edition adidas’ Copa Mundial, in white, at SOCCER.COM.


  • Seems like a marketing trick by Adidas by creating new colours for the copas, not sure if I would pay an extra $60 for them just for getting the white colour (black ones are still the same price $150 or so). But I love these boots, and if anyone is interested, here is a comparison between the copas and the pantofola boots on youtube that I found:

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