17th March Crazylight 5

adidas sets the bar for speed with new Crazylight

We get to see a lot of cleats, the latest innovations in the game, here at SOCCER.COM, but the adidas f50 adizero Crazylight had long-time employees stunned at just how feather-like it feels on your foot.

Aptly named, the Crazylight is so light, just 4.7 ounces, you won’t believe it until you get your own.

17th March Crazylight 8

It weighs 20 percent less than the current adidas f50 adizero worn by players on the game’s greatest stages.

The Crazylight is made from a single, unique piece of ulta-soft, ulta-lightweight microfiber that envelops the foot, with extra stitching making sure the shoe is both supportive and long lasting. SpeedFoil has been removed, which drops weight and creates ore comfort in the midfoot and heel.

The inner is soft and stretchy, allowing for the perfect fit.

17th March Crazylight 2

The Sprintframe used on other F50 adizeros features hollow studs and one fewer stud on the middle of the forefoot to help drop weight while remaining as durable and enabling as much traction as you’ve come to expect.

17th March Crazylight 10

Our expert cleat reviewer, Sam Margetts, a former college player and footwear designer, got a chance to examine the Crazylight and was similarly impressed.

“A lot of the innovations that allow this shoe to weigh so little lie beneath the surface, but they really come to life when you put them on,” he said, noting how comfortable the shoe is straight out of the box.

“It really is the closest thing to playing barefoot that I’ve ever found. You almost don’t realize you have them on, not only because of what they weigh but also because they are so comfortable.”


Marco Mueller, adidas senior project manager, was aiming for that sort of feedback for two years while developing this stunning boot.

“Players really like the latest edition and are always excited that we keep the high performance properties, yet reduce the weight to a new benchmark,” Mueller said.

“As an example, Gareth Bale really likes the f50 adizero Crazylight, and we are looking forward for the product release in one of the biggest and most important matches.”

Wales Training and Press Conference

Look out for Bale to give the Crazylight its on-field debut for Real Madrid in their UEFA Champions League second leg match against Schalke 04 on Tuesday, March 18th.

We were treated to a sneak peak when Bale trained ahead of Wales’ March 5 friendly with Iceland, in which he scored and set up two goals en route to a 3-1 win, but Tuesday will mark the first time a shoe this light has been worn during an official match.

Wales Training and Press Conference

***Tuesday update: Gareth Bale did, in fact, debut the Crazylight today at the Bernabéu in UEFA Champions League play against Schalke. Looking as speed as ever, the Welsh winger took just 21 minutes before creating the opening goal.

Real Madrid CF v FC Schalke 04 - UEFA Champions League Round of 16

He raced in and used his right foot to square a ball that Cristiano Ronaldo smashed home to further seal Los Blancos place in the quarterfinals of soccer’s most prestigious club competition.

Real Madrid CF v FC Schalke 04 - UEFA Champions League Round of 16

Bale went on to tee up Alvaro Morata to give Real Madrid a 3-1 win on the day and a dominant 9-2 triumph on aggregate.

What do you think of adidas’ latest innovation in speed? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Matthew

    Absurd. There’s no need to make a boot any lighter. You aren’t any faster wearing 4.7 ounce boots than you are wearing 7 ounce ones. Furthermore, with decreasing the weight of the boot, you increase the amount of pain the wearer feels when he or she gets stepped on.

    • Thanks for your comment, Matthew.
      I know it seems that football boots are getting ridiculously light, but allow me to take the counter-view for a second…
      It’s not so much a question of whether they make you physically faster, but rather do they make you feel faster. Personally, when I put on a super-light pair of boots, I feel less bogged down and my play generally becomes more energetic.
      The same psychological impact is also affecting color choice. Designers at all the major brands have told me that feedback they get from players suggests bold colors make them feel more confident on the pitch.
      The protection issue you raise is an important one. Time will tell whether foot injuries increase as boots become lighter. It’s a sacrifice that I suspect many attacking players will be willing to make for that extra burst of speed (even if it’s just in their mind!).

      • Adam Forman

        I donno, every time I’ve ever gotten stepped on, regardless of the boot, it always hurt really bad. I don’t really see a way around that aside from swapping out soccer boots for actual boots. I can say from experience, having switched from a pair of “regular” boots that maybe weren’t designed for speed to a pair of super light boots designed for speed, I felt faster and as Martin said, my confidence shot up which increased my play. To each his own but personally, I think what adidas is doing with these crazylight boots is awesome.

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