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adidas F50 Yamamoto

adidas has collaborated with famed japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto to create this limited edition version of the F50. Inspired by ancient japanese culture, this lion dog robot design is not only visually striking but is also full of meaning. The lion dog is a symbol of protection and prosperity and Yamamoto added a robot aspect to merge ancient culture with modern technology. In his own words Yamamoto was aiming to create a “a guardian deity for victory, a sovereign creature that expresses the beginning of life and protects those playing on the field” 

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This incredible cleat will be worn by Real Madrid’s superstar Gareth Bale at El Classico, the famed match-up of Barcelona and Real Madrid. On this same date, six other players in clubs around the world will play in the Yamamoto F50 as well.

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Only 2000 pairs exist in the world and SOCCER.COM is one of the few places you’ll find them. Register for your chance to buy a pair here

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UPDATE: Bale actually didn’t wear the F50 Yamamoto during El Classico. In Europe, it was worn by Lucas Moura of PSG and David Alaba of Bayern Munich.
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Bayern Muenchen v Hertha BSC - Bundesliga
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  • Scott Cortes

    My 13 yr old soccer boy loves them he loves soccer he’s a very good player play on 3 teams 1-travel1- school 1- indoor he plays s cm rw his favorite player is messi but he rather ware a pair of these cleats then a pair of messi he think there the bomb there the coolest

  • Nick Kraeuter

    Hello my name is nick Kraeuter and I think that these boots are the coolest F50s I have ever seen and I would love to wear a pair of these. I have always only ever gotten Adidas f50 cleats and these are by far the best. I am currently on the ODP regional team as well as the rush national team. I want to show off these beauty’s everywhere I go.

  • jihokim

    Hello I have a pair of these Yamamotos bought from prodirect…these are great boots but there was an issue with the durability. The dribble tex(?) I think is the material that makes the shoe look handpainted, but after wearing them twice, I saw them peeling off…what should I do!?

    • cardinal5000

      how much do they cost?

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