adidas Predator X

This is the tenth incarnation of adidas’ game changing Predator. The Predator X was created for the leaders on the field; powerful players like Benzema, Gerrard, Van Persie and Beckham. Every single element is designed to improve performance.

What do you think of the newest edition of the adidas Predator? This is the place to talk about the new technologies and colors!


  • jacob

    I kant wait to c what they look like. i have had predators since i was 8 and i hav always luved them they r awesome.i kant wait to see what the new 1s look like. i am gonna get them as soon as they come out i hav already pre-ordered them…………………….. ………they r gonna b so kool

  • rafael vazquez

    STEP BACK. this boots/cleats took a step back they look like the old predators well ui dont really like the look of them, and if your wondering yea ive seen the picture to it its been leaked in this one website.

  • Anonymous


  • Chris from soccer stop

    Takes 2 steps back. the new predator x line has the some of the stylings and feel of the old absalute line, its narrower than the powerswerve but the design is seemingly pre-absolute-esq, it takes a major step backwards since its not using kangaroo leather, and goin towards a cow leather which doesn’t form to your foot as much or give you the same touch on the ball. the new ruber/silicone strike zone is a good idea make it easier to hit the spot that lets you grip the ball more, but the zone should extend down towards the toe and ground where its at now is decent just make it a little bigger. also another thing adidas has done away with is the power pulse, there is no insert that give you extra power, the insole itself is a little more cushioned which is nice. overall the new design is a blast from the past and the fit will fit more feet than the powerswerve, and the new strikezone is still in the air of how i feel about it. Adidas i know you can do better so please do.

  • austin

    they are ok. they are on like 3 diff sites and theres nothing too special abouit them

  • Cole

    What site did you find those pictures on? i want to see what they look like before i pre-order them.

  • Arnoldo

    These shoes are amazing they have a good look and they are very high tech for futbol boots

  • levi

    im really excited about these cleats. ive always had preds it seems like and they have outperformed any other shoe. i hope these really are waterproof cause i play in alaska and its really worth it-i was thinking about the ua dominate but this is better

  • T. Scott


  • scooby

    Concerned about the lacing structure on the boot…… I’ve had predators with similar fabric style loops and after a while they all gave out…. The boot still had life in it but there was no longer any way of strapping it up unless u punched holes in the leather…. the vapor has holes and it holds up very well….. Still don’t understand why adidas doesn’t make that little adjustment

  • Gabriel J.

    They look good but not as great as the one before

  • JO24

    The look a bit like American football boots but they are very high tech and I would wear them. I also like that they got rid of the tongue on the Predator, it only got in the way, and most people cut it off anyways.

  • lou

    SUPER UGLY!!!!!

  • Brian

    Another great – and classic, boot by adidas!

    Wonderful design. Simple – not as much as the adipure, but definitely classy.

    Only adidas – only.

  • peter

    Looks like adipure II with some flare add to it…

  • RIC

    I like them. They have changed what I didn’t like about them. I hope the heal fits better as I did’t like that my heal always slips up and down. I also didn’t like how the swerve bar always bothered my big toe. Nice to see it have a copa front area.

  • Manu

    I like the fact that they seem to have gotten rid of kangaroo leather, it seemed impossible to make a durable boot with it. Now they are using calf leather which hopefully is as soft as they say it is – I have a feeling they aren’t lying.

  • Blake

    dissapionting..these arent predators..wheres the tongue? wheres the powerpulse?? These are simply a combination of adipures and Nike T90’s

  • T bone

    Everybody’s got their own style opinions & that’s cool – but if all you have to say is ‘UGLY!’ then you’re wasting our time & you’re missin the whole point of having Predators. if you ask me, Predators have also been about performance more than style & they’ve improved perfromance this time around for real – no gimmicks like the tungsten inserts of the powerswerve. These are more durable with a better fit and striking area. Do you care about playing the game or looking pretty for your boyfriends??

  • sc2

    they are great cleats i tried them on at a soccer stor near me and they feel and look great, much better then they do online 10/10 adidas!

  • Blake

    Hey Tbone the tungsten inserts were far from gimmicks..they allowed you to get under the ball and play around with it..and yea im sure they are great when it comes to performance..predators always are…but you can still put at least some effort into the design..these lok like they drew them up in 15 minutes

  • w

    Ive had predators for the last 2 years and i want to know if the boot has changed in the way it fits at all.

  • luis

    pues estan bien perrones kien me regala unos pa mi cumpleaños??

  • ?????

    I’ve been wearing predators for several years and this is a poor model! The two generations before were much more clean in their style. This edition has too much going on. Also, they came out much too soon after the climacools

  • person

    The shoe is great, its structure is wonderful. It bends like a foot without shoes to where you can bend it a lot more. I am going to the US Club Nike id2 regional training camp in Frisco, TX. So I now have some Mercurials stay nike but i tried them on, there nice. But after the camp i might swith to these, idk yet. you should look up the camp its big. Its like adidas esp for younger ages.

  • person

    The shoe looks wierd at first, but get to it in person and its much better. And the shoe is what counts and its amazing.

  • Randy

    I’m sure the quality of the boot is going to be top of the line as always but FINALLY, Adidas has come to their senses and got rid of that obnoxiously big tongue flap that has terrorized all of their boots in recent years.

  • Mani

    kind of ugly

  • John

    I think these look a lot like the new T90 Laser 3s.

  • Sheldon

    I have worn ‘Predators’ for the last 6 to 7 years & they’re the most comfortable & best designed football boots i have ever worn. & i must say that i’m pretty impressed with the appearance of this latest addition to the family! I can’t wait to experience wearing one of these now especially after seeing the boss Zidane’s add for it…who the hell is nike anyway?

  • levi

    Hey, you can all have your own opinions but I dont know how anyone could think this was ugly-its just so sweet! i agree with everyone who didnt like the lace covers on the old preds, it was a sweet boot but sort of a little complicated and the new one is the kind of boot that you can just lace into and play in, if you know what I mean.I say way to go tbone give it to ’em. o and its kind of stupid to write performance reviews if you dont own the boots.

  • aaron

    awh there class.. and if anyone says different there not wise. ive never had predators but ive always worn adidas i dont like fancy colours in boots i dont want to look like ronaldo id rather play like roy keane a good tough footballer.

  • Jason

    They are great. I just got them today and i had thought they looked ugly but once u see them in person your not gonna want any other boot.The fitting is great!! it has the opti-fit feels like a bare foot feeling to it but still secure.. if u get any other boot, you will regret it! I Guarantee You..

  • roque martinez

    I just got mine yesterday, they feel great. noticed a bit more power on my kicks and better touch. i really liked the design but after i saw them at the store i liked them even more… picked them up right away.

  • Luke

    Do these new pred’s have the powerpulse in the bottom or not? I’ve had the real predators for the last 4 years and have loved them, I’m not loving these so far though, they don’t have the tounge, idk if they have the powerpulse, and they’re just kinda ugly…. Does anyone know if they have the powerpulse cuz if not i’m going to T90’s.

  • EJE

    I like the old ones with the tongs not liking the new look..

  • ben

    I am wondering if the insoles of these cleats are like the last ones, and have the extra sand or whatever it might be. i have feet problems and need to be able to put my own in. if you know the answer please comment back

  • matt

    i find it really funny. because SOOO MANYYY people thought that the vapor v’s were ugly too, but look, everyones hype and posting youtube vids opening the superflys. sure i have my fair share of flashy vapors, but i think that this boot is purely for performance. stop saying theyre ugly and get over it. THESE BOOTS WILL BE A HIT! this might be the boot that draws me back to adidas!
    bravo adidas

  • Trevor Scott

    They feel great!!! The ability to strike the ball with them feel great!!!!!!!! Quality!!!

  • jordan

    copa mundial’s are much better .!

  • Chika

    I’ve been wearing predators since PULSE 2, and i think d power swerve is better. This kinda looks like a combination of adipure 2 and predator pulse 2, and they are quite heavy. I’m not impressed wit d X. I think adidas just lost one more customer… Off to superfly.

  • Chika

    When will adidas begin to really make speed boots ? The F50i TUNiT is as heavy as d power swerve.

  • levi (samba)

    Hey chica, your oppinion is great and all but ‘speed’ boots are overated. I seem to remember that players are fast, not because the have light boots but because they were born that way-or run till they are. one of the fastest players I know is currently wearing T90 lasers -11.6 ounces- anyway, many of the fanatic superfly wearers say it only makes you faster for a few practices, then you are slower in heavier cleats. I play attacking midfield and coordinate the attack from the center. but I do play through balls every once in a while, and I’ve scored every time yet(almost).Just cool it, this cleat rocks!

  • CJ

    when i first saw these, ugly was most definatly the word that came to mind. But theyve grown on me… and now i cant wait to own a pair.

  • Zak

    Just played my first game with them and I’m very impressed. Size and shape were similar to the previous predators I own but the surface contact with my foot was noticabley improved. Also the powerspine did produce a noticable difference in my shot strength and pace. The powerswerve technology was spot on as well. My one complaint is that the boots seemed rather stiff, but like I said, first game with them. Overall I can’t complain and this boot is considerably improved in fit and ball contact. Worth every penny.

  • Tony

    I was wondering which ones are better the new Legends III or the the new predators

  • matt

    hey guys im getting these cleats, and i wondering how these laces. Will i have to keep tying them because that i just had total 90s. i grew out of them, and they had really skinny laces and i had to keep tying them every 15 minutes. i was getting really angry with them. I dont wanna spend $220 and have to deal with that issue again. Please Help!

  • Nick

    this is probably the first comment that i have left. i have stuck with predators my entire life mainly because they have good control also for the fact that they have a good shot as well. however, i have had these new ones or two weeks now and i do not believe it is a good cleat for these specialties i mentioned earlier. i think the switch out of kangaroo leather was not a good idea. these feel heavier(especially in the heel) and the touch is not as good with too many excess materials used that seem unnecessary. I even found the microfiber to be a better material. Overall I am a little dissapointed besides the fact that i had to try a new adidas cleat which happened to be the adiPURE III’s which are truly an amazinig cleat.

  • Hwang

    I do not own these cleats, but I’ve been using predators for 4 years now and I think that these do not fit in the series at all. They look like adipures with offset laces and an added powerswerve. I don’t think ill get them because they look so ugly.

  • CSA soccer player

    These cleats have a really soft first touch. It took me a practice or two to get used the different touch and feel on the ball versis my adipures. i recommend these cleats to whoever needs a really comfortable cleat. Also I have orthodics and was able to take out the insole and put my own in. The soles don’t have a powerpulse so any insole is compatible with the predator x fg.

  • Levi

    I just got these and they’re great. they really look good in person, I cant fathom how anyone could think they dont. Everyone i talk to even if they dont know anything about soccer say that they are really good looking. Other than that everything else is good too.