Adu Pleased With New Address

Fresh Real Salt Lake catch Freddy Adu says he delighted to be shifting his MLS career from Washington D.C. to the Rockies.

The U.S. Under-20 captain will get to play his favored playmaking role under familiar coach John Ellinger.

“I cannot be happier here,” Adu told the New York Times. “This is something I wanted, I feel reborn.”

“This is a new chapter in my life,” he declared. “I will get to play my natural position, I’ll get games and get better and help this team out.”


  • Tesoro

    A new chapter is opening up for him. DC United was too deep and vast with Real Salt Adu’s talent will be showcased.

  • Heath Young

    We’ll see, this could be very telling. Given the freedom to play behind the strikers and be the attacking midfielder that Adu has always wanted to be will put him in the spotlight. As you said Tesoro, DC’s depth in the midfield has kept him out of that role forcing him to be a wide player (Which I don’t think is all that bad to be honest. With his pace, the quality of his left foot, and his lack of size, it’s an effective role for him to play. He does well beating players with some space on the flanks). Now being on a weaker team and out from under the cautious hand of Nowak, Ellinger is going to thrust him into a high profile role with a lot of freedom, yet a lot of responsibility.

    We may now get a chance to see what Freddy can really do in what he considers his natural position. He’ll now have the opportunity to flourish, but also the potential to flop. If he doesn’t live up to some really high expectations, it will give his critics confirmation of their claims that he is an overrated player.

    Should be interesting to see. I think it will be good for him as it lets him get back to the creative attacking role that put him on the map as a youth international, but it’s also a risky situation. I still expect him to shoot for an overseas transfer in the summer window when he turns 18, the winter window after one full RSL season at the latest. So having a bad showing would be very poor timing and could see his stock drop quite a bit right when he is finally of age to play in Europe and in a position to get the transfer he hopes for.