Agent: Jozy Will Listen To Real

Although New York strike phenom Josmer Altidore is not searching for the exit door, his agent claims that they could lend an ear to Real Madrid representatives visitng New York this week.

“We’ve heard of the interest, and for any soccer player, it is a thrill to be linked with Real Madrid,” Richard Motzkin told The Associated Press. “Jozy’s really happy about the news.”

“Jozy’s happy with where he’s at in this stage of his career with the Red Bulls, but we’ll see what happens.”


  • soccer dr nyc

    boy if you know good please leave mls run for your life don,t do like the wimp donovan london go go go go.

  • stephen

    if he has a chance to leave mls to go to la liga…take it!!

  • yoyo

    I agree Jozy should move on to a bigger league, but I’m not sure Madrid is the place for him now. He needs to go somewhere he will play regularly. Is Real the place? I doubt it. At least for now, he’s still only 17.

  • soccerdrnyc

    with freddy adu for benfica and the others in the epl 2010 it will bee good for the usa.anyway look at 17year old kirkic for barce ,pato for milan i think he should go
    good developement for him, i hate real madrid
    they can go to h-ll.