Agent To Smooth Palacio Waters

Boca Juniors exec Pedro Pompillo says strike sensation Rodrigo Palacio will accept a transfer to Barcelona once the club can get all part owner’s of the player’s registration onboard.

The Catalans will reportedly pay over €20 million for the striker, but Juan Paladino has to clear the path of all obstacles first – the one club that appears to be weighing down the move is relegated Huracan, who have upped their expectations for a pay out.

“We have reached to an agreement with Barcelona for transferring him in July,” Pompilio told Argentine radio. “But Barcelona has said to us that the condition for doing the transfer is that they want to negotiate only with us, so we have to get in touch with Huracan, Banfield and the agent Juan Paladino because they are the owners of the rest of the percentage of the player.”

“We have been in negotiations with Huracan for many months, but we haven’t reached a financial agreement because they want much more than the $2.5 million that we have offered to them – as they have been relegated to a lower division now they want more money than what we had agreed sometime ago.”

“I expect to have all these negotiations resolved as soon as possible because it’s a good financial offer for everyone and if we don’t reach to an agreement, Barcelona isn’t going to wait a long time,” insisted the vice president. “They will go out and buy another player – that’s what we are trying to make the other parts involved to understand.”


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