After working from a foreign midfield spot in their 3-0 victory over Chicago on Thursday night, New York strike phenom Josmer Altidore claims he has a new found awe for regulars inhabitants of the position.

The teenager opened less than a minute into the contest and Juan Pablo Angel added a pair of insurance goals.

“I have new respect for that position,” Altidore told MLSnet of his midfield debut. “On a scale of one to 10, it’s a 9.99.”

“It’s hard, you’re running back and forth, defending, but it was nice to help out the team that way.”

“I’m not used to that running back and forth, but the guys helped me out, talking to me the whole game and pushed me through,” credited the youngster.

  • wolfen

    I happened to watch that game,that kid Altidore is not bad, he’s strong and seems mature,but I was dissapointed with the scarce crowd,especially in New york/New Jersey,I guess they better get some big names in there follow in the galaxy’s foot steps or they’ll be playing in front of 9,000 at best.