Ankle Nag Slowing Beckham

Fresh Galaxy catch David Beckham may be limited in duty against friendly foe Chelsea this week due to an ankle problem that stretches back to a June England match.

The superstar did light work in training, but didn’t talk to the media afterwards.

“His ankle is quite swollen,” reported coach Frank Yallop. “We’re hoping it recovers quickly and he can have some part in the game.”


  • RcFutbolFreak

    wow. Would this guy please stop whinning and just play futbol. I mean that is what hes getting paid for rite? Or maybe its just his publicity and marketability. Beckham either suck it up and just play or get out of the futbol world.

  • Keeeper King

    Did you know beckham makes $99 dollars every second he is on the field if you break it down. (I heard it on the radio).

  • wolfen

    I acutally read that he’s so taken back and thinks he made a big mistake by signing with LA, he said they remind him of a ‘pub team’.But he doesn’t care he makes so much money.

  • scrappydog7

    Beckham’s probably worth every dime just by showing up (sorry guys!). Why else throw him in at the end? It was a stupid move however, the coach knows his ankle isn’t ready for play.