Anticipation and Motivation

The team is gearing up for the semi finals. We know Brazil is going to be great. They are possibly the most technical with the ball in the world. We faced them at Giants Stadium a few months ago, and got a good result, but that game has no correlation to the game that we will face tomorrow. Everything changes in a World Cup. Brazil has been playing together for a long time now, and so not only are they incredible individual personalities, but they are an incredible team. That being said, I am very confident in us. We have been tested in this World Cup. We have had our backs against the wall and have shown the world that we don’t break.

I can’t wait for the game. The anticipation in between games is difficult to deal with sometimes. We still try to find things to do to have fun, and relieve some stress. Right now, I am at a Starbucks next to the hotel doing some reading and emails. Some things never change, not even in China! We will find out later today the line up and go over some things for the game and the rest will be up to us! I am trying to keep a couple things in mind as I prepare for this game for extra motivation (not like I need any). The first is the 2003 World Cup. The girls got knocked out in the semi final round to Germany, and I watched the 3-0 loss from my dorm room at UNC with tears rolling down. I can remember their faces as they walked off the field. I am playing for that, to get the World Cup back in our hands. I am also playing for Kristine Lilly. This is (probably!) her last World Cup, and I want her to go out on top. She is truly an amazing player, teammate and captain. She deserves nothing else.

Here we go!


  • Hailly


  • Molly Fagan

    Good luck with Brazil. They are very physical so be careful out there! You are so inspiring, thank you. I know you will bring the World Cup back with you. All the best.

  • Katie

    Good luck girls!! As Molly said, you guys are so inspiring! I wish you the best of luck! Play for the love of the game 🙂

  • Mattie

    Good Luck Heather.. you are an amazing soccer player and continue to play well..

  • Hannah

    You play for those memories, Heather!

    Seriously, we’re with you! Despite the early hours and the generally unsupportive US media, the fans are with you!


  • Alex D-Beach FC U-11 Piranhas

    I will be staying home from 4th grade to show my support tomorrow. Take it all the way, and don’t look back…Please tell Kristin, that I got a pair of her cleats for my 10th B-Day,and I love them.

    GO USA !!!

  • Becca

    You are such an amazing soccer player! I really enjoy watching you sprint up and down the field. Your such great player for many young soccer players to watch including me! Good luck in the World Cup…YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

  • Sachi

    Good JOB in China, I’m sorry that USA did not make it to the finals, but good luck with Norway!!!!!
    Remember that you have lots of fans in East Brunswick, NJ!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Heather, you are an amazing player. There are many people who still don’t know who you are, however you are my fave player. Even though you didn’t win the world cup the us women’s team is still number 1. GO USA!!!!!