Atletico Net Argentine Sensation Aguero

Atletico Madrid have completed the club record €23 million (£15 million) signing of young Independiente playmaker Sergio Aguero.

The 17-year-old had been linked with a host of Europe’s top clubs including Bayern Munich and Liverpool, and the move signals Atletico’s intent to build a squad capable of challenging domestically and in Europe.

Along with Barcelona’s Lionel Messi he is considered the brightest prospect in Argentinian football.

“For Atletico Madrid it is the most important signing of a 17-year-old in our history,” said Atletico director general Miguel Angel Gil.

“I have no doubts that Aguero will become a major star in Europe.”

Aguero netted 23 goals in 54 appearances for Independiente and Atletico have handed him a six-year contract.


  • anonymous

    I hope to see more of this kid, he’s amazing, i personally think Argentina should of tried him out for the national team but he’ll for sure be in South Africa in 2010.

  • Anonymous

    yes i agree

  • chamillionaire

    what? who said that

  • aninho

    first of all if you don’t know about soccer don’t say anything and get out. Secoundly, BARCELONA is the BEST SOCCER TEAM in the WORLD. this Aguero kid is going to be good in the shadow of MESSI.

  • zhao yun

    so,this guy is wickid,hope costinha doesnt handball it like he did against holland a lot