Barca Want Only Dutch Coaches

Koeman and Van Basten are the alternatives should Rijkaard leave for Milan.

For now there are only rumours, but by June they could become realities. If Ancelotti will no longer have the full trust of the Milan entourage, Frank Rijkaard is top of the list of possible substitutes. There are many hints: he’s an ex-Rossonero player and it’s well known that the staff always prefers coaches who have been at the club before as players. Moreover, there is a special clause in Rijkaard’s Barça contract that says he would be allowed to leave if an offer were to come from Milanello.

This is why Barcelona want to think about the future already. Two names are on Laporta’s shortlist, who aims to maintain a continuity in the project. The theme color here here is orange, and it doesn’t have to do with Barça’s new away jersey. In fact it seems that the Spanish president is intent on continuing with a Dutch coach to guide the club on the near future. And the possibilities are Ronald Koeman, ex Barcelona player still famous for his free kick goal that in 1992 gave them the Champions League in the final against Sampdoria and now coach of Sampdoria, but particularly Marco van Basten, a big friend of Rijkaard, also an ex-Milanista and possible competitor of Frank for the Milan coaching job.


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