Barcelona Rule Out Ronaldinho sale

Barcelona insist that Ronaldinho will not be leaving the club in the summer.

The Brazil star’s future at Camp Nou has been the subject of intense speculation for the last few months as he has struggled for form and fitness.

Milan and Chelsea have been strongly linked with a summer move for the former Paris Saint Germain ace, but Barcelona’s vice-president Ferran Soriano says the club have no plans to sell Ronaldinho.

“Ronaldinho has already done more than enough,” Soriano told Ona FM.

“But we have absolutely no intention of selling him.

“It is not the economic value of Ronaldinho that interests us because we are not considering selling him.

“He has contributed so much to this club and is still doing it.

“On an economic level, Ronaldinho has already done more than enough, but he is still going nowhere.

“The best thing would be that he stays with us for a long time to come.”


  • stephen

    why would you want to sell Ronnie??


    I HOPE HE GETS TRADED THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soccerman

    I hope that he gets traded. He has been the face of that club to long. If he is traded, it will give the other guys on that club a chance to shine. I hope he goes to a team that is not as good that he can make better.

  • Haiti

    We love Ronnie here. He’s our breath in such a desperate atmosphere. We sure would like to see him in AC Milan along with Kaka,Ronaldo, and the new comer Pato in the AC Milan attack. What a fantastic display of good Brasilian soccer it would be.

  • justin

    I think that Chelsea sucks and he should go to AC Milan because the need more help than Chelsea dose.

  • Tesoro

    Never say never. It’ll take a team and a boat load of money,not now but later.

  • Oshgood

    I love ronaldinho he is the best player in the entire world

  • Razor


  • silver

    i think ronnie should stay at barcelona. whole season he was plagued with injuries and some of his own fans whistled him. what has barcelona achieved this season without him..NOTHING..
    They’re finding it hard to score and besides that Ronaldinho is the heart of the team…Would anyone consider milan without kaka, or Man Utd cristiano ronaldo or arsenal fabregas….I think they just need to encourage ronnie to bring back his best.. It will be a grave mistake to sell the heart of barcelona!!!!