Barcelona stunned by Real deals

Barcelona finance director Xavier Sala i Martin is bewildered as to how Real Madrid are funding their summer spending spree.

With a reported transfer budget of 300million euros at their disposal, Madrid president Florentino Perez has this week set about creating a second ‘galacticos’ era.

The Spanish giants had a world-record bid of £80million for Portugal winger Cristiano Ronaldo accepted by Manchester United on Thursday, hot on the heels of Monday’s 68million euros acquisition of Brazil playmaker Kaka from AC Milan.

And Sala i Martin, whose team finished nine points clear of Madrid at the Primera Division summit last month, is puzzled by how the purchases are being financed.

He told Radio Station RAC1: “I don’t know where the 300million euros that Florentino Perez expects to invest on signings are coming from.

“He says he will recover that money by selling shirts but, in order to do that, he will have to sell 30million shirts. That is impossible.”

Sala i Martin is stunned Madrid are able to spend so much money in such a difficult economic climate.

He added: “I guess someone will have to give him that money and it would be good for him to explain where it will come from.

“How can it be that a football team is loaned so much money, considering the current financial crisis in the country and the policy of restricting credits that banks are currently following?

“I can assure you that we will not pay 65million euros for a player.

“For that amount we would buy the whole Barcelona team that won the Champions League in Rome.”



  • Ronaldo

    Martin should understand Madrid has done all this before. The end result was they had a squad loaded with stars. Big names with huge egos’ that after sometime could not work together as a unit and the end result is Madrid imploded. Chances are it will happen again. All this big spending and the comings and goings of one big name player here and there should remind all of us of one serious problem in the game. When it comes to these big clubs we all love and support the only loyalty comes from the fans. The club owners’, managers’ and players’ are in it for the money and nothing else. The soul of the game at least at the club level is gone. It’s all become big business.

  • Papaya

    To be truely honest Real Madrid is a GREAT club no doubt, fact is, is that they kinda do rely on $ to get the star players. Look a the time when they had Ronaldo from Brazil, David beckham, Zidan, Roberto Carlos, an the one who still there Raul. Either way they still had problems with in but came out winning, idk how but they did. Superstars like that ussually are just big names alone. And plus money and ads and all the riches that goes with it is what some players go after now, not the love of the game…what ever happened to joga bonito? Love for the game is all that should matter. Joga Bonito mi amigos.

  • Anonymous

    Kaka and Ronaldo are great players if not the greatest football players ever, but that does’nt mean they will win gold combined because they are more like individual players and not team players.