Basile Pleased With Patience

Argentina coach Alfio Basile lauded his players’ cool in the face of a yeoman’s effort from the U.S. National Team on Thursday night forced them to wait until the last half hour for the goals to come.

The Americans showed well for themselves for over an hour, but three late striker made the Abiceleste difference.

“We stayed calm,” said Basile. “My players worked and were rewarded.”

“(The) USA were tactically very good and made it difficult for us, but we knew that at some point they would tire.”


  • Dave

    Argentina showed why they are one of the better national teams in the world dudes & the US again showed why they are one of the weaker teams in the world. The US did ok I guess dudes but ok won’t win you games.

  • Morgan

    Argentina showed once again they are a good side. They stayed poised & waited & played their game. They waited for what they knew would happen which is for the Americans to tire & make mistakes late in the game & then Argentina did what they most always do late in a game which is make the other team pay for careless mistakes.

  • Chuck Norris

    So we still didn’t lose the entire tournament

  • Ken

    True but I’m willing to bet you won’t win it either.

  • soccer dr nyc

    chuck this is not the foolish gold cup ok
    usa send a b team so that it will not make them look bad . ok we lost but is was the b side shut up chuck. argentina show class skill but i still see dalesandro in th e middle this kid is bad for zaragoza.

  • Ken

    Again people, can somebody please translate the above rant by the dr?

  • soccer dr nyc

    ok ken i was just messing with chuck about the usa excuse. i am argentine maradona is the greatest ever no joke i mean it. they need that kid from zaragoza he is good

  • Morgan

    Yes I also think Maradona was the greatest. He’s up there with the best of all time. I think Argentina’s future for the next decade in soccer is very bright. Everyone knows who their known & proven players are but beyond that they have so many young up & coming players to choose from who are just as good. Is the US playing Paraguay on Monday? If so that should be a good game as I watched Paraguay play & let me tell you people they have a very very good side. They just might give the US a run for their money. If so & the US loses that game they could be sent home a lot sooner than expected.