Beasley Issues w/ Language Barrier

American DaMarcus Beasley has revealed he is struggling to communicate with his new Rangers team-mates after finding the Scottish accent nearly impenetrable.

World Cup star Beasley has played his first two matches for Rangers and has been with the squad for a week, but the 25-year-old, born in Indiana, struggles to take part in conversations with the Scottish element in Walter Smith’s squad unless his fellow players make an extra effort.

“I still have my difficulties with the weird Scottish accent,” he said.

“But I have only been one week with the team, I am sure it will get better.

“The guys try to talk slowly to me but when they talk to each other, I hardly understand anything.”

On the pitch Beasley got his message across in the friendly against German fourth-tier side FC Gutersloh last Friday, when his dashing performance on the left of midfield showed promise for the coming season.

He was back in action on Tuesday against Hannover, and admitted the top-flight opposition was welcome, even if Rangers did lose their final tour game 1-0.

“No disrespect to the fourth division teams we played against, but we were very happy to play against the strong Bundesliga team,” he said.

“The first 10 minutes were a little bit shaky, but then it got even.

“Our defending was good and especially in the second half of the first half we played very well.”


  • hugh

    good for you damarcus
    i remember when he was a scrwny little kid playin for the Fire and im happy he found a new home out of the hell hole that is man city.

  • wolfen

    come on demarcus let your feet do the talking,he’s one of the few americans I like.