Beckham In Doubt For Barça Visit

Real Madrid midfielder David Beckham is struggling with an ankle bruise and could be forced to sit out their weekend clash with Barcelona at Nou Camp.

“Just kicking the ball is really painful,” he reported. “I’ve had an anti-inflammatory injection and ice, but I’ll just have to give it a bit of rest and see how it is.”

“We will just have to see what the swelling is like and if goes down or not,” shrugged Beckham. “The pain is the problem.”

“I hope I’ll be able to play, though.”


  • beckham’s daddy

    Beckham is so overrated anyway. He’s not aging gracefully like Zidane did.

  • Fadi

    Won’t really make a difference!!

  • Grin

    Still in england’s top 11, needs to be at top form for an good place in WC

  • soccer fan

    back when beckham played for man utd he was way better. i think he should consider retiring if this world cup doesnt go well. all he does is big press to the already deflated, and unorganized team of real madrid

  • joe

    Beckham could still be considered a fan favorite to some but that is about all he is good for nowadays he is aging and we can all see that through his play at real madrid

  • Mario Garcia-Calderon

    Real Madrid’s coach should put Beckham in the same position when he played for Manchester United; he was more productive and scored more frequently.

  • alexander

    Beckham is underrated, he’s the heart of Real Madrid and anyone who knows ‘Futbol’ can see that every ball wether defensive or offensive passes through Beckham’s feet, he recovers balls and let’s not even mention his passing abilities. Zidane and the rest of the team are not the same without Beckham on the team because they can’t recover the ball.

  • Anonymous

    It’s such a popular ride to be on, the bash Beckham bandwagon… Those who like to claim that he is overrated simply do not appreciate the beautiful game or choose to ignore it in favor of more flashy one on one players. To say Beckham is overrated or not aging gracefully is to not actually watch him play, but to want these comments to be true because of his fame and marketing attention. Anyone that actually takes the time to watch what Beckham does on the field and knows enough to appreciate these skills will see someone that still plays the ball with unbeleivable precision more consistently than almost anyone in the game. He’s aging, yes, scoring less perhaps… but appreciate his passing game and how much of the play goes through him.

    That said, Real is certainly a disjointed team of starts whose performance as a whole is underwhelming.

  • frank12

    beckman is aging but he still has the will to go on….since he does then he will be productive with real madrid

  • Will

    Beckam and Coby Jones both need to retire and realize they had their time of fame…now leave!

  • sum dude who dont lik beckham

    haha hes overrated unlike ronaldo that would make a diferance but not him beside he dont wana get juked bah ronaldinho agin lol

  • Andy

    Becks was much more exiting to watch when he was on Man U…he is aging now but still passes well

  • Nino

    I believe that if there is any player in this world people would want to be incharge of set plays, it would be Beckham, however the media is playing a big roll against his fame. The man is a talanted player in his own style of game give him the credit. People always focus on what every bad things he does or has done, they don’t remember the good things he’s done for his club team, or his country.