Belletti Hits Out At Rijkaard

Barcelona full-back Juliano Belletti has taken a swipe at coach Frank Rijkaard over a lack of playing time.

The Brazilian signed a new contract with the club earlier this year but has only been used sparingly by Rijkaard despite some average results that have undermined the Catalans’ season.

“If I had known I would play so little, I would never have renewed my contract,” said Belletti, who has now fully recovered from injury.

“I spoke with the coach before the season began and he said to me that he was counting on me.

“The president even called me and, when receiving his confidence, I chose to stay. But I have hardly played.”

Belletti was the hero in last season’s Champions League final against Arsenal.

After Samuel Eto’o had equalised to level the match at 1-1, Belletti popped up with a late winner to seal the club’s second European Cup triumph.


  • DynastySoccerFC … Rasputin

    This is another classic example of a big club that has so many top rate players’ & doesn’t use them on a regular basis. Rijkaard has been doing the same thing Sir Alex has done with United this past year which is letting good players’ waste away on the bench. Like the old saying goes if it’s not broken don’t fix it! That can be true but then again it can come back to bite you in the long run. If you have a good team made up of good players’ it’s best to rotate them all on a regular basis. This also covers you if somebody gets injured.

  • Dirk Kyut

    This boy has no shame. Can you imagine? Talking to a great Dutch manager like Rijkaard like that who also in his day was a great player! What nerve! If this player were Dutch he would have more common sense. Rijkaard should give this kid his walking papers’ & sign a Dutch player in return. Barcelona needs more Dutch players’! If your not Dutch, your not much!

  • kevie

    I don’t think Belletti should have come out publicly and said this but i guess he is very fraustrated.Good players always want to be on the field contributing,unfortunately Barca have a lot of good players and everyone can’t play at the same time.
    At the same time i think Rijkaard should use a rotation process in order to keep his players fresh.As for the comment that Dirk Kyut left,i think it was very insensitive.

  • Antonio Garcia

    kevie? What kind of name is that? Pretty weird! Who cares about Rijkaard? Belletti is right! Why sign good players’ if your not going to play them?

  • wolfen

    That’s not necessarily true,Antonio, even if a player is good he needs to respect the coach’s decisions, the coach is there for a reason,a player should be ready when called at any time, then he can show what he’s made out of.Maturity is a key factor,but what did this kevie expect??? to go to Barca and start??? he needs to prove himself as did everyone else, and when you play for a big team it’s twice as hard to shine,he knows that.

  • wolfen

    Let me educate you little antonio, and maybe it would be best to learn how to read!, you know about soccer just like my nine year old, things I forgot you still have to learn …..I said specifically that the coach is there for a reason,and is to be respected otherwise it’s chaos,this kid like any other kid is definitely better off playing with a smaller team to gain experience that is why lots of teams loan out thier young players to gain experience,now kindly take your nonsense arrogance and stick it you know where.My point was strictly that a coach is a coach and the Mister is always respected….obviously you never played at certain levels.a good player always lets his feet talk,not his mouth,but obviously after your comments it doesn’t surprise me that you take his side, grow up and than respond,little antonino.

  • Dave

    wolfen what Garcia said is right. goes to show you know little about the sport.

  • Blanco

    Yes Mr. Garcia is very right in what he said. It’s one thing to be signed to a big club & train five days a week but it’s very different to apply one’s training experiences on the pitch in an actual game situation if your hardly ever getting any actual playing time. It really doesn’t matter how good a player is if he is not getting week in week out playing time in games when he is called up chances are he’s going to be out of sorts in a game. Training & playing in actual games are two different situations.

    The sport in a lot of ways has become easy to perdict. The rich clubs keep getting richer & the smaller clubs still strugle. Their are some rare cases where small clubs hold their own with the bigger more powerful clubs . Smaller clubs like Roma & Valencia seem to do well but these are rare cases & few & far between. All these big clubs want to snatch up all the top players & then so many of them end up riding the bench. It’s wasting talent & lets face it a player’s window frame of time with his professional career is between 10 to 12 years. The lucky one’s might last 15 or a few more if they avoid bad injuries. No matter what kind of money these players’ make they all deep down still want to play as it’s in their nature. I think Mr. Garcia’s point is it would be better for talent being wasted riding the bench at some top club to be playing at a smaller club to get what he really wants which is more playing time. If there is more ballance with top level players’ playing on all professional teams in the various leagues then we might see new faces in CL league play besides the same old glory hogs like M United AC Milan Chelsea Barcelona Juve Liverpool & all the usual heavy weights.

  • wolfen

    To blanco & dave PLEASE LEARN TO READ!!!! I agreed that a player should play in a smaller team to gain experience THAT IS CALLED LOANING A PLAYER!, and the coach is still the coach!!!,

  • Pat

    To wolfen, please do not start trouble with others if you cannot take the heat in return. Thank you.

  • Dave

    You go Pat! Tell him like it is!