Blanco Calls For Mexico GK Change

Though enjoying his first call-up since last spring’s Copa America, Mexico playamker Cuauhtemoc Blanco has stirred things up by suggesting that it was time for apprentice keeper Guillermo Ochoa to take over for old master Oswaldo Sanchez.

The 23-year old Ochoa – 12 years younger than his Santos counterpart – has been patiently lying in wait since before World Cup 2006.

“(Ochoa) should be starting,” former teammate Blanco told the Chicago Tribune. “He’s the best goalkeeper on the team, he’s shown it at (Club) America.”

El Tri will be making their debut under new boss Sven-Goran Eriksson when they welcome CONCACAF World Cup 2010 Qualifying foe Honduras to Azteca on Wednesday night.


  • Angel Francisco Joachin

    I follow the team in every game they play and is true Ochoa is the best keeper in Mexico but Oswaldo Sanchez made some remarks that tips the balance a little over his side even though I think is a cowardly move since he said and i quote ‘If I don’t play I rather retire from the national team’ and since he said that he has been the keeper because lets me onest he is the 2nd best keeper in Mexico but he’s got more experience than Ochoa even though I still think that Ochoa should start because of what he has been doing year after year and quite simply he is the best by far and he is not as a drama queen as Oswaldo Sando to put it in sweet words that wouldn’t offend anyone

  • Aguimex

    I think Ochoa is better than sachez and anyways sanchez is slow and old and like chivas.

    Thats why ochoa should be the goalie because he is the best

  • David Herndez

    Honestly I respect Oswaldo becuause of his experience but now its time for Ochoa to start being the starting goalie. Ochoa is younger and he could really make a dive. Plus we have to start preparing him for the upcoming 2010 World Cup. He needs experience with El Tricolor. Oswaldo is being a baby, if he wants to retire let him be we could just used Ochoa and Corona as goalies.

  • juan g.

    oswaldo is good but his time has passed, ochoa is young and has a great future ahead of him.

  • Anonymous

    oswaldo sucks a$$
    ochoa #1

  • jose

    oswaldo is old and has had his time with the selecion and now we need a keeper that will make the selecion much better memo ochoa should be the starter no doubt

  • america venegas torres

    mis comentaris son que cuatemo blanco es un super gugadoraso de la selesion mexicana i poreso creo que deve estar gugando con laselesin mexicana esporeso que doi miponto devista