Borgetti Considering MLS Move

Mexico strike ace Jared Borgetti has revealed that he has a pair of MLS offers on the table to peruse, but added that he probably won’t be making any decisions soon.

The Cruz Azul man still has a year left on his contract, but holds the option of leaving for a new team.

“The truth is we are looking at some options, but I don’t rule out the possibility of staying with Cruz Azul,” stated Borgetti. “There is nothing concrete at the moment.”

“We have already talked to Kansas and Colorado, looking at what possibilities we have – anyway, I won’t pick up the first offer that appears.”


  • football fanatic

    borgetti would ruin american soccer’s reputation as a clean developement league. we don’t need over dramatic player’s like him to make the mls big. he should stay in the mexican league with the other show boating divers. it is where he belongs

  • yoyo

    I don’t know American soccer’s reputation as a clean league… but I agree that Jared would do nothing to improve the quality of play in the MLS. Unlike Blanco, who always plays hard and has influence on the match, Jared is just a scavenger and, from what I’ve seen, a crybaby.

  • SoccerFan

    What are you two talking about he would improve the league by making it more popular to the Mexicans. He would probably be a influence in making it bigger with arrivals from other big players. I think he should come if its the best choice and why are you two hating on Jared Borgetti. Keep on doing what you are doing Jared Borgetti.

  • mikey

    jared is a good player,in the mexican league. You saw what he did at bolton…nothing. He would score 4 goals max in the mls (all being headers). He is too old and too expensive for the mls. I am sick of people thinking mls is a retirement home for has-bins!

  • SergiC14

    Jared Borgetti would absolutely improve the MLS here in America by attracting a lot more hispanic people into watching soccer here. It’s true that he is starting to become an older player but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any energy to play here in the MLS and do a great job. Just take a look at David Beckham he was brought here to America on a $250 million dollar contract and I haven’t seen anything marvelous from his game at the LA Galaxy I am sorry.

  • El Chivo

    America is a retierment home for big stars because it will never be like the NFL or NBA, hows David Beckham diff from Borgetti? they the same age, and Beckham aint his countrys all time scorer, Borgetti is in Mexico, and MLS is a fluke leauge, and it aint a clean leauge, its dirty, theres more tackles a game then goals. Borgetti would make the leauge better

  • Anonymous

    in regard to ‘mikey’ the mls is not the english premier league, so Im thinking that there will be a difference in his effectivness