Bradley Expects More At Copa

Despite winning their third Gold Cup in the last four editions, U.S. Men’s National Team coach Bob Bradley says the team can still improve quite a bit when it comes to wrapping up wins.

The Americans blew several good chances throughout the tourney when a dagger goal would have essentially sealed victory.

“Finishing games has not been our strong suit in the Gold Cup,” Bradley admitted to reporters after a 2-1 final win over Mexico on Sunday. “At this point we can laugh about it, but nonetheless it’s something that becomes important because you know in big games when it’s one goal that the other team will throw everything they have at the end.”

“In the moments when you get chances to build on that lead you have to take advantage of it.”


  • Red Johnson

    Bradley better not count all his chickens before they are hatched. He will end up like all the other US mens teams managers. That is to say he will lose far more games than he will ever win.

  • wolfen

    the true colors come out when they play real tems,canada ,el salvador etc….?????so what this cup is meaningless,no competition.

  • Teddy Bear Tom

    You have a good point. This so called cup they played in has no real meaning or value. If the US had to play in Europe or South America to qualify for the world cup they never would qualify.

  • yoyo

    Hey red, you mean like Bruce Arena’s 71-30-29 overall record? And Teddy Bear, you mean US would have no shot to advance over Poland, which they beat 1-0 in Germany? Or maybe Ecuador, which the US just beat 3-1 in March? Both of those teams have qualified for the last two World Cups. This isn’t to say the US would be challenging the world powers in those regions, but they would definitely have a chance at qualifying.

  • Keeeper King

    Yes. I agree the U.S.A. is a very good team everyone just does not like them in other countries.

  • Ken

    They are not a very good team! Wheres your logic in saying something like that? At best they are a below average team & I’m being very nice on my part in saying so. Now teams like Italy, Germany, Argentina, Brazil & France >>> are very good teams. Their track records prove it. When the US has a track record that is on par with the above teams then you can say they have a very good squad. Until then please stop & think before making such foolish post.

  • Anonymous

    Those of you who say the U.S. sucks, have no soccer since, if the U.S. was so bad then how could they tie the winner of the world cup………. have some pride in your country our team is always under scrutiny and its from our own people, the U.S. is moving up in the soccer world who cares what any of you say a legend Nedved said it his self that they were a force to be reconed with…. and i think Mexico just upset Brazil a world power house and you say there was no competition, I’ll agree we are not at the top of our game only because we are inconsistent which comes with inexperience, but definately no where remotely close to a push over.

    Later Gentleman

  • Keith Whitfield

    I wrote the comment above if anyone wants to respond and debate why your wrong.

  • Keith Whitfield

    Keeper King Iteresting argument you have there, we had no tradition but we are in the process of building some and have come along way in doing so as far as International play goes, support from there country will give them fear of letting us down which in turn gives them a real drive to win. We have better athletes here in America…….. I could safely say within the next 5-10 we will be a power house but right now we are a solid team.

  • Dave

    Yo Anonymous! That tie you like to brag so much about was an own goal Italy scored for them! I repeat >> AN OWN GOAL THAT ITALY SCORED FOR THEM!!! << What dont you understand about that dude??? If Italy had not put that ball into their own net your US team would have lost that game as well. The only goal the US was able to score by themselves was against Ghana & that was it! 3 games, 2 loses, 1 tie, 6 goals against, 2 for, & one of those goals provided by the kind hearted Italians! If you think that is something to brag about or be proud of you need to see a shrink dude!