Bradley Looks For Complete Show

Fresh from a 4-1 loss to Argentina, U.S. coach Bob Bradley has quickly switched his focus to Monday’s Copa América Group D test against Paraguay.

The game two foes scored a 5-0 win over Colombia on Thursday to vault to the top of the table, and Bradley knows his green side must maintain focus and intensity for the entire game to advance to the knockout phase.

“They have to be extremely motivated,” he told reporters. “It’s tough because they don’t have to play teams with the caliber of players like Argentina week in and week out.”

“If you haven’t had that experience on several occasions, then you have to learn it at some stage,” added Bradley, who suffered his first USMNT defeat. “Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending how you look at it – we’re here with a team that is learning as it goes.”

“I think we impressed a lot of people for 60-65 minutes – the question is can we do it now for 90 minutes?”


  • Dave

    Dudes I guess it’s smart on Bradley’s part to put this thumping they got from Argentina behind them & get ready for the next match against Paraguay. I kinda think Paraguay just might give the US some problems as I saw high lights of their match & they look pretty good dudes let me tell you! Should be a good game though.

  • Anonymous

    It was a good game for the first 65 minutes, but the US has got to play for the total 90

  • Keeeper King

    In an alternate reality the U.S.A. won but that is because it is opposite.

  • Morgan

    In reality the US did what they do far more than not which is choke & lose to one of the usual powerhouses of soccer. Back to the drawing board fellows.