Brazil Sweat Over Emerson, Kaká

Brazil team physicians have expressed their doubt over the quarterfinal participation status of midfielders Emmerson and Kaká.

Each are trying to recover from knee ailments, but it is not yet known if they can face France on Saturday.

“If the game was (Thursday), Kaká and Emerson would not be able to play,” Jose Luiz Runco announced.

However, the Samba Kings did enjoy the training return of thigh injury battler Robinho.


  • Ochoa

    They are both key players both of great technical skill but arent all brazilians so they lose some abilit yto name drop with the line up but not so much ability on the field. Especially not when they have Juninho Pernannbucanho, Ricardinho,or anyone they feel like bbringing off the bench. Brazil is a great the best in the world and sure enough have a magical starting 11 and a great bench 12.

  • Yep

    Brazil is very deep with talent. But if they lose Kaka and Emerson, they do lose some experience, which could be valuable in a game against the old and crafty French side.

  • Heath Young

    Some consolation for Barthez if he won’t have to face 35 yard swerving missles from Kaka… Brazil do indeed have a very deep bench, however.

  • Juninho8

    Ill admit losing kaka would be a real loss for brazil but losing emmerson is not that big of a deal. they have either gilberto silva or Juninho, who i think r loads better than emmerson and should b starting in his place every game

  • jarel alexcee

    well first of all i love the game ,grew up on the rez playing,but there is one thing that gets my goat is,why?is it that these so called stars cry around fall around with the weakest little bit of contact from the other team,they arnt getting hurt,the refs have to let them play on,heck were i come from we play soccer we bleed,we get up and run we dont roll around on the feild and wait for some guy to blow the whistle and say well here is a yellow card,the world cup would be greater than it is now if the players did not go holywood on the feild,holywood meaning all there acting,when it comes to the contact,they dont feel a thing,and if they cant take the contact stay home and let some one else play,every team has subs right,there is always going to be some one else just as goos as the last one that got of the feild,so if some one for sure cant play a game due to been hurt,never underestamate the next guy,cause he is hungry and want to show the world or any one who is watching that he is a player,so hey guys less holywood more soccer,thanks,

  • x0R10oX

    Although france beat brazil, brazil is still a stronger team. They got cheated by the spanish ref. The star Ronaldinho was on a clear break away and the ref said he hip checked someone. That is un fair. France scored a cheap goal on Dida which Dida should have came out for. Ronaldo was low on gas and should have been replaced earlier by the young Adriano. Brazil was playing rather flat than usual. I still cannot believe the allstar team lossed. But now my money would be placed on Portugul for the cup. Good luck to the rest of the teams.
    The ref made rather horrible calls. i could have done a better job. Ronaldinho by the way I have and love his cleats should deffinatley have been taking the free kicks and corner kicks rather than Juniho I mean Brazilian coaches what were you thinking.