Brueckner Swimming In Injuries

Ace Tomáš Rosický limped out of a pre-World Cup friendly on the weekend adding to the Czech team’s injury woes.

Czech Republic coach Karel Brueckner watched playmaker Tomáš Rosický limp out of a pre-World Cup friendly on the weekend, making a busy sick bay even more crowded.

The Arsenal summer signing will miss Tuesday’s match against Costa Rica, giving the boss a bigger headache.

“We’d like to play at least one half with our first choice line-up, but we won’t do it if it involves any risks,” sighed Brueckner.

The trainer is also waiting on returns from attack trio Jan Koller, Vratislav Lovkenc and Vladimir Smicer.


  • Anonymous

    the US will top the group, beat Croatia, then beat the swiz, then make it to the semi’s, we will beat the english, make it to the finals and beat brazil 1-0!

  • hugh

    while id love that to happen and we all do

    im a bit more realistic than you anonymous

    the US will finish second in the group to the Chezc’s, but in the second round we’ll play brazil and well ,its brazil, there’s no shame in losing to them

    but then brazil will play and beat spain, and subsequently england who will have beaten mexico, and brazil will meet the checz rep. who will have beaten Germany who made it to last cups finals remember.

    But in the end, while i dont like it, im expecting ‘os reis do samba’ or the samba kings will win their sixth world cup.

    i’m sorry to say it but it will happen

  • ilovecali

    The truth is that U-S-of-A will sooner or later become one of the worlds best national teams!

  • no red card for me


  • rouge7

    The US stands a better chance without Rosicky on the pitch…and he is a gooner. Hard to feel to bad about that. Kidding really hate to see anyone injured ever but before the world cup would be gutting.

  • were

    wat is a pitch

  • JJW

    A Pitch. Area of Grass used for atheletics. Soccer, Cricket, Futbol. ect..