Buffon Makes Juventus Pledge

Juventus netminder Gianluigi Buffon says he would accept a move to AC Milan, but prefers to continue with the relegated Bianconeri.

The Turin side were dropped to Serie B for their part in the Italian referee fixing controversy.

“I told the club if they need to sell me do so, but if you want me to remain, I will stay,” said Buffon.

“More than anything it’s about gratitude towards the club, the family that manages it, the fans,” said the star keeper. “A lot of people continue telling me that I will be sold to Milan.”

“I wouldn’t say no, but I would be disappointed.”


  • Arkla

    Mr. Buffon is class in every sense of the word. The rest of the players who bolted could take a lesson !!

  • ftorres

    A La Verga Con Buffon its all about Memo Ochoa!!!!!!!!

  • makin bacon

    buffon will probably leave juventus. he plucks his eye brows. hes pretty good good at goal keeper.

  • Day Vid Beck Hum

    The Air Reey On Reey should move from arsenal to a.c. milan. Land Den Don a Van is also pretty of good. But no will ever be as good as Dee A Go Mar Adona. Boof Own is also a great golie.

  • Priscilla

    Buffon is an example of what made Juventus the best team in the Italian league, because of the character and integrity of it’s players. It’s a travesty what’s been done to Juve, they were made a scapegoat for the league, why were only they demoted to Serie B,why not AC Milan & Fiorentina. Berlusconi fixed it so his team would not suffer a real punishment.

  • Tony p

    There’s no comment when you talk about Buffon,hands down the best goalie in the world,a great guy on and off the field,just like Zoff in 82 he was a big reason italy lifted the world cup this year.he’s a great example,juve and their directors on the other hand???????

  • charlie

    Hats off to Buffon. Finally, a superstar that doesn’t mind playing for a relegated team. If he does end up in Milan, I still see him as a class act!