The former Bianconero player believes that the Old Lady’s verdict was unfair.

Fabio Cannavaro spoke for the first time to the Italian press since leaving Juventus, defending the Bianconeri and the Scudetti won.

“I say what I think, even though it might not be popular: if in the trial there were many teams involved, why only Juve must pay?

“We the players won the Scudetto without ever having the sensation of having any outside help.

“Juve is doing well to ask what believes it deserves, even though I understand that the Figc awarded the Scudetto to Inter, because after the verdict, it had to award it in some way.

  • Ariel

    Bravo that The Italian Captain spoke his mind.
    The ruling was 100% political in nature (can’t you see Berlusconi fingerprints ?). No one could beat Juventus on the field so they hide behind this farce. The games that were in question, Juve was on the wrong side of every call – so where was the fix ??

  • Tony p

    try watching the Domenica sportiva where they show the highlights in slow motion , Juventus has robbed more games than all of Italian,Spanish,german and english teams put together.It’s hard to beat a team when you play 14 against 11.

  • Priscilla

    Fabio is dead on; why is only Juve being punished. What is the reason why all other accused teams lost points but remain in Serie A, now Juve is total disarray . How does that correct the problem.