Castillo Basks In Upset Glow

Mexico attack wizard Nery Castillo was in the mood to celebrate after helping top Copa América opening foe Brazil on Wednesday night with a special opening strike.

The Olympiakos dazzler collected, beat a defender and fired home, all without letting the ball touch the ground, but he was more pleased by the team reward.

“This match was very important for me,” intimated Castillo. “I have been waiting to face Brazil for a long time.”

“They are the best national team in the world and have the best players, but we beat them playing a really good match.”


  • kevin Henry

    Regardless of which set of players Brazil field at any one time,they will be an exceptional bunch of players.That being said,i must take my hat off to Mexico for winning a very good game.I think little by little CONCACAF teams are gaining grounds on the other world powers in soccer.

  • Victor

    i think your right henry i mean mexico did beat brazil i got to give them my respect and havent loss agame yet since the copa america and they have a awsome player on there team Nery Castillo!