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Indoor Soccer Shoe Guide

SOCCER.COM understands that player needs vary when the game moves indoors. There are indoor soccer shoes made for playing on court surfaces, but also work when playing on artificial turf. There is also a wide variety of indoor soccer shoes geared specifically to artificial turf. And then there’s the other indoor game — futsal. Futsal…

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ContentsNOCSAE APPROVEDSHIN GUARD TYPESSLIP-IN SHIN GUARDSANKLE SHIN GUARDSPOSITION SHIN GUARD RECOMMENDATIONSSIZING SHIN GUARD CARE SHIN GUARD ACCESSORIESShin guards are as much a part of the player’s uniform as cleats or a jersey.  A required piece of equipment, it can be hard to decide which shinguard is right for you. For example, a midfielder may not…


Leather vs. Leather?

As a soccer player, your cleats are an extension of your feet. While natural and synthetic materials have different benefits, natural leathers are known for their softness, excellent ball touch and ability to conform to the foot. Natural leathers are made from animal hides, while synthetic leathers are comprised on man-made materials. When you’re choosing…