Cech Talks About His Injury

Chelsea’s Czech Republic international goalkeeper Petr Cech still wakes up with severe headaches following the collision with Reading’s Stephen Hunt that left him with depressured fracture of the skull.

The 24-year-old keeper, regarded as one of the best in the world, said his last memory is of changing ends before the game against Reading. He cannot recall the incident that occurred just 20 seconds into the match.

“You wake up and have a horrible headache, so you have to take your medication,” he told Chelsea’s website.

“I just try to live with that and every day it is going to get better.”

Cech underwent surgery to have two plates inserted in his skull and still has a visible scar

“I’ve seen it on TV once but don’t want to speak about this for the moment.

“The shake-hands is the last thing I remember because John Terry lost the toss and I had to run to the other side. That is the last thing.”

Cech said he had been greatly comforted by the public support he had received.

“I think it has been fantastic from everyone. It has been the players, the managers, the staff. It was everyone in Chelsea, including supporters,” he said.

“I got so many cards and letters from people outside, not involved in Chelsea, and I want to thank them all for that.”


  • Rasputin

    The player who drove his knee intothis keeper’s head should be banned! Simple as that! There is no excuse for a player to come in hard like that on a keeper that already has the advantage. There are too many things wrong with the sport as it is from bribes & fixxed matches to racist to players taking dives to get a call in their favor. This however should not have happened. I do hope this keeper makes a full recovery.

  • matt

    rasputin, banned from what?? you think he will be kicked out of the preimier league for one collision? no probly not…i agree with you that coming in on keepers hard like that is not neccessary, but i dont think a player should ‘banned’ from it.

  • Rasputin


    He should be banned from the game. I watched the game & also have it burned on dvd. If you watch the replay the keeper Cech already had the ball & the player in question still came in & didn’t evenbother to slow down. In a situation like that where the keeper already has control of the ball you back off. This keeper is lucky to not have died. Then they took out the back up keeper with another uncalled for charge which resulted in that keeper being knocked out. It was all planned though the other team won’t admit it. There is enough problems in soccer with racist players & fans & bribes & match fixing scandals & it all needs to be curbed & put under control along with the blind brutality that many players seem to inflict on one another due to lack of good skills.

  • Victor

    Ya i agree w rasputin. Not to mention all the diving I just hope it doesnt go
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