Champions League scores

The first wave of quarterfinal legs are in the books. Click below for the scores…

Arsenal grabbed a 2-nil edge in Highbury over Juventus, which finished the match with only nine men. Fabergas and Henry netted for the home side. Juve’s task in Turin next week will be made even more difficult due to suspensions to Vieira, Zebina and Camoranesi in the return leg.

Meanwhile, Barcelona and Benefica battled to a scoreless draw. Barcelona returns to the Nou Camp emptyhanded knowing that a road goal for Benefica next week could prove disastrous for their title hopes.

Up tomorrow, Lyon v. AC Milan and Inter v. Villarreal.


  • Grin

    Of the teams from Italy, Juve is top pick. I would still rather see Arsenal follow Liverpool to give England two Champions League titles in a row.

  • Justin


  • soccer fan

    i think barca will have a pretty diffucult match next week but i am positive they can pull through. they are not kings of spain for no reason they are used to a fight. and as for arsenal goin all the way you better not get your hopes up to high

  • usfan

    Arsenal are playing out of there minds right now in the Champions League. Henry is to good, since there out of the Epl Champions League is all they got. So I would bet against them. Barca on the other hand are high up there to win the whole thing. But Ronaldinho can be quite when they need him, still always dangerous. Barca’s Defense is I think a little on the uneasy side as well as sometimes they show signs of miscomnication and confusion.

  • Anonymous

    My fav team is juve, i wish the best for them in the champions league. Despite there comanding 8 point lead in the serie A they have a long way to go in the champions league now that there down 2-0 on agg. BUT..and thers always a but, they have pulled an upset before aginst werder bremen SO DONT COUNT THEM OUT!


  • Anonymous

    Barcelona will win easily next week, since they are playing at home. they should of score like 4 goals in the first leg and that was at Benfica’s place, imagine what could happen in the nou camp.

  • mustang

    arsenal was a good team…but arsenal will lost thiery henry,the captain and also the alien(henry)….

  • mustang

    arsenal very-very stupid…
    arsenal cannot be a champion because the coach cannot control the team…

  • mustang

    usfan,did you don’t read magazine?…
    juventus will go to serie B…
    juventus is very stupid…
    juventus can be a champion,but in serie B…