Chelsea and Milan In Shevchenko, Gallas Deal

Barcelona based ‘Sport’ are claiming that Chelsea and Milan have agreed on a deal, which will see the Blues offer cash plus defender William Gallas in exchange for Andriy Shevchenko. This would be a second major coup for Roman Abramovich and Chelsea this summer after signing Michael Ballack from Bayern Munich.

Sport have reported Chelsea have agreed a four year deal worth just over £6 million per year with Shevchenko, and that only the final details remain to be sorted out with Milan.

The Rossoneri are happy with Gallas coming their way in exchange, but are keen to make a little more money off their star.

Chelsea have currently offered 40 million Euros along with the French international defender, and Milan are apparently looking to push that closer to 50, particularly given the fact that Chelsea are involved.

However, the deal is practically in place, minus the final details, and set be announced publicly tomorrow, as both Gallas and Shevchenko are keen to get it out of the way well before the World Cup.

Shevchenko himself assured yesterday in Moscow, during a promotional campaign, that he would end the uncertainty over his future by tomorrow following a summit with Milan executive Galliani.

If the reports are true, it would be the second major catch for Chelsea this summer, after snapping up German skipper Michael Ballack earlier this month.

As for Gallas, Mourinho had been reluctant to let him go despite the Frenchman’s will to leave. But the prospect of landing Sheva helped tip the scales. The Frenchman was also being chased by Barcelona, who have been relegated to mere spectators by the recent turn of events.


  • tonyd

    Go ahead, Chelsea. Add a few more aging stars to your bloated overindulged lineup. Throw a little more ego on and sink your ship completely!

  • Marshall

    im totaly agreeing with the lad below me

  • deez nutz

    I have to admit I agree. They are just signing too many stars. If they keep on like this, they will end up like Real Madrid (a bunch of superstars who cannot function as a team and win a trohpy 3yrs straight) They need to keep it real

  • matt

    i hope chelsea sees how stupid this decision is. I would love to see man u win the premier league.

  • ForzaItalia

    First, I don’t know why Sheva would even make this move. He’s already on a better team. Second, he doesn’t fit Mourinho’s style. He likes big physical, battering ram-style forwards. I wouldn’t call Shevchenko an ‘Aging’ striker. He’s still a world class striker.

  • SGRB

    Gallas isn’t happy anyways, and with another star like sheva they are going to be even more untouchable at the top of the EPL in the years to come.

  • joe 2000

    sheva is good sticker,chelsea is best club
    so next year is good year for chelsea . bravo

  • mike avey

    I think it is a great deal for chelsea because andrei schevshanko is probably one of the best forwards in the world today.

  • collin

    Chelsea is my favorite team and andriy is a great great player he will be a great addition to our success

  • sam the man

    that is absolute crap, who are you guys kidding, first chelsea has to many strikers, second AC Milan needs good strikers, and if they want 50 Million Euros for some out of age defender who is still good, but is still old and has trouble staying fit and healthy than fine go ahead make the trade, but if either team wants to win their league, than tehy should keep their players, beside adding Ballack will be hard to get used to playing with him but losing a great defender where you already have stars as forward is plain stupid. So I say to you fools who think this will help you teams, go suck an egg for u do not understand soccer if you think this will help

  • sam the man

    you guys are gay for not posting remarks

  • ForzaItalia

    Just to add to my point, Sheva is not a fit Mourinho’s style. Crespo & Drogba are not happy because the style is taking a physical tole on them. Not a smart move.

  • brandon

    I hate chelsea, i hate mourinho’s ignorance. And i hate when great players that i like go to clubs like chelsea. I guess next year will be exacly like this year in the premiership. Lame!

  • sam the man

    brandon is gay, the epl is never lame, i think you are the lame one

  • brandon

    ivory coast will win it all!

  • ronaldinho

    all i have to say is…
    Carlos… i just hsit my pants…

  • italiaman

    sheva is freikin awesome and if chealsea has him and ballack they will be unbeatable, that is of course if he and the team get along, go chelsea!

  • fc

    chelsea ecek milan tambah apik

  • someone

    I think that its a stupid move one more step in becoming another Real Madrid. It doesn’t matter anyway because Man U is going to dominate anyway.

  • Darin

    Go for it Chelsea! Schevchenko is an awesome player. He is one of the best players in the world, and once Chelsea gets him, they will have a championship within a couple of years.

  • aninho

    all you KIDS get a life. None of you know about soccer. BARCELONA is best TEAM in the WORLD. chels sucks and we’ll just kill them like we did last yr with cheating.