Cherundolo Mum On Bolton Rumours

Hannover 96 defender Steve Cherundolo has vaguely suggested that he could be off to Bolton this summer.

The American abroad, who holds a contract clause that allows him to make a Premiership move if someone pays €2 million, has been linked with Wanderers ever since coach Sam Allardyce took in last week’s U.S.-Germany friendly.

“The whole matter will be decided within the next three to four weeks as I want to have things settled before the World Cup,” Cherundolo told Kicker.


  • number10

    I guess Cherundolo was the only american who actually had his stock rise in that debacle last week. I hope he goes to england.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps not the only American to show promise in that match. Bobby Convey and Cory Gibbs both showed some good stuff. Hopefully Convey will still be around for Reading’s fist season in the premiership so yet another American will be in the mix.

    However, a debacle indeed. Not the confidence builder they US needed in their first test in a while against a perennial power. Although it might have been a different game with Pope and Bocanegra available to lock things down at the back, not to mention several other starters missing (Donovan, McBride, Reyna, etc.)

    That said, I’d love to see Cherundolo make the move to the Bolton. Nothing wrong with playing for Hannover, but the premiership is higher profile and having more Americans playing at that level can only improve US soccer.

  • grin

    Cherundolo’s experience in Bundesliga may have boosted performance against Germans. Experince abroad worth twice as much as at home.

  • ???

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  • beardedstriker

    Yeah, Steve in London would be great, but I believe many US players’ stock rose. Ok, Berhalter, Conrad, Klein, and Zavagnin did terrible. Despite this Cory Gibbs was able to shut down Asamoah completely. Eddie Johnson had that great header that was somehow saved. Cherundolo played solid the whole game, and he had that wonder goal. Bobby Convey played great, and he was the most troublesome player for the Germans to deal with. Bruce Arena said he was attempting to finalize his team with this friendly, and this game showed that about half the team tried to take it to the next level, while the other half completely fell apart.

  • rouge7

    Steve would do well under alderdice

  • kelsey

    i think bobby convey will be one of the big names in the world cup because he helped his team by getting up in the premiership. Also think he is going to help out the midfield a lot and score some GOALS!!!!!!!!!! He’s very good at running at players and getting the ball to the other side of the field.That’s why i think he is one of the best players in the world.